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Good morning English A students! I hope you all had a good sleep and are feeling awake and relaxed! Please remember to stop by my room on your way up to the exam hall, I have a healthy breakfast for you along with your mock exam. I am already proud of every single one of you for the work that you’ve put in, and for the ways you’ve improved. The hard work is over, now it’s the easy part where you show all you’ve learned! Best of luck this morning, I know you will do great!


English A IB Exams

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Congratulations, you’ve finished all of your English coursework!

Good luck with your revision this weekend, and email me with any questions.

Please stop by my classroom on your way to the exam on Monday morning.  I’ll have your graded paper 1 mock, your final semester grade, and a healthy snack to eat before you enter your exam.  It’s important that you eat a good breakfast and go to sleep EARLY on Sunday!  A good sleep and breakfast are worth more than cramming.

I wish you all the absolute best, and I have every confidence in you.  You are wonderful!


Mock Exams English A

Grade 12 English A,

Remember that you have two mock exams before your final IB exam.  My tip is to prepare for these as if they are the actual exam.  Also remember that the grades count toward your final semester grade, so it is important to do your best.  I will not accept an absence from the mock exam.

This Thursday, April 24; 10:30 – 12:30; Paper 2; quotations must be memorized!

Thursday, May 1; 8:00 – 10:00; Paper 1

Monday, May 5; 7:45 – 10:00; IB Exam Paper 1

Tuesday, May 6; 12:30 – 2:45; IB Exam Paper 2

G12 Eng A: Reminders and Mock notes


1. Finish reading Death of a Salesman

2.  Mock exam on Monday; Paper 2.  You may bring 4 quotes/play.


Notes on your mock exam

  1. Overall, I see a lot of improvement!  I was pleased with this set of papers; well-done!
  2. You still must reference literary features in the paper 2 essay
  3. Review your drama glossary and use the terminology!
  4. You have improved on the comparison aspect, continue to keep it in mind
  5. Check your grades against the criteria!  Know the criteria.
  6. Many of you had original ideas, chat with each other to see how your classmates approached the question.
  7. The main issue was with people not fully answering the question.  This question said, “to what extent do the plays embody this definition?”  What many people did was give examples of theatricality and say what purpose it served.  That is not what the question was asking for, however.  You must read the question carefully!
  8. Read good examples of a paper 2 essay.  Here are three of your classmates’ (names have been removed): theatrical example 1theatrical example 2theatrical example 3


Paper 2 Essay help

Grade 12 English A,

Today your Paper 2 practice essay will be returned.  I know it was difficult, but it is important that you struggled and worked through it in order to truly learn.  Now, I am giving you guidance.  My example outline that we did in class is posted here, as well as an excellent example essay written by one of your classmates.  You will be allowed to make corrections to your essay and turn it in for a new grade on Monday, March 17.  It will only be accepted in hard-copy and by 2:30.

Essay question: Paper 2 comedy November 2011

Essay sample outline: Paper 2 comedy outline

Essay sample: Paper 2 comedy example

G12 Essay; English A

Grade 12,

I was so excited to show you 10 Things I Hate About You that I forgot to give you your assignment.

I will hand it out tomorrow, but if you want to get started tonight, I’m posting it here: Paper 2 comedy November 2011

The essay is an IB Paper 2 question.  You may use your Drama Glossary and the plays, but note that for the actual exam you won’t have access to either (it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with quotes from the plays so that you can memorize them for the exam).

G12 Reminders

Due to your meeting, MUN, the holiday, and Community and Service day, classes these 2 weeks are disjointed.  So, if you were absent, or need reminders, here is everything that is going on.

Grade 12

1. Cover Sheets!  If you were absent today, or if you need to fix something on your cover sheet, see me before Friday to fix it!

2.  Email me your Written Assignment today!  (  I won’t sign off or send your Written Assignment until it’s gone through

3.  If you did not finish reading the play for some reason, have it done by tomorrow.

4.  Thursday and Friday we will be watching a modern version of the play, so meet in the senior lounge.

5.  You will have a grammar quiz on Wednesday, February 26, so review your packets.

6.  This Thursday I will have an exam practice session.  Unless I hear you want something otherwise, I’ll plan on setting another Paper 1 practice test.  Please bring your Literary Glossary, your Poetry Glossary, and paper and pens.

7.  We didn’t have a lot of lessons while reading The Taming of the Shrew, so I recommend that you do some extra study on your own.  There are endless resources online (but be sure to only read legitimate, academic sources!) and here is a study guide that has helpful summaries, points, and questions to consider.  This is also a good source to use for review during your study session.  Here is the study guide: study guide.  And, here is a good website: Taming of the Shrew Folger Website